My family spends a lot of its time -- and even more of its money -- dining out.  More of our household consumption of food comes from restaurants than I’d care to admit.  I’m not much of a cook (though I’m working on it!); we’re busy (two kids, three jobs, four pets); and meals at home are rarely as pleasant as those in a restaurant (we haven’t quite mastered the art of lingering over a glass of wine before a meal in our kitchen, but we love it when we’re dining out). 

So, even as I embark on my CSA Virgin project, dining out will happen.  A lot.

As part of my project, though, I now want to patronize restaurants that think the same way about food that I do.  We used to eat at a lot of “suburban chain” restaurants.  While not quite “fast food,” I now understand these restaurants to be intricately linked with the industrial food system I’m trying to avoid. 

So, I’m in search of local, locavore restaurants.  And I’ve found a few. 

Metro Diner, Annapolis, Maryland
The Wild Orchid Cafe, Annapolis, Maryland

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