Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Potato and Strawberry Smoothie

Yup, I'm on a smoothie kick!

The in-season veggie plus out-of-season frozen fruit combo is just STELLAR.  I really enjoy it as an "after school snack" when I get home from work.  And it does double-duty as a drink for my toddler to go with her dinner.

This time I used a fresh sweet potato, a fresh clementine, and frozen strawberries. 

A sweet potato?!  Yup! 

I actually used half of a raw sweet potato, cutting it into chunks and putting it straight into the blender.  I added sections of one clementine and topped it off with about a cup of frozen strawberries.  I covered everything with milk and then blended it up.

It came out light, frothy, and sweet!  The sweet potato was a nice stand-in texture-wise for the usual smoothie ingredients of yogurt or a banana (I don't care for bananas).  

This won high marks from my toddler, who didn't want to give up the straw from her "strawberry milk" until she had licked off every drop!

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