Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eat This and Live Three Hours Longer

Garlicky, lemony kale and Brussels sprouts salad has become a go-to recipe for me.  If I blogged every time I made it, I would probably blog about little else.

I make variations of this salad several times a week.  Sometimes it's just kale; sometimes it's just Brussels.  Sometimes I use garlic; sometimes I omit it.  But I make this over and over and over again.

Which is great, because it's apparently adding at least three hours to my life each time I do.

My friend Drew emailed to thank me for this recipe, saying that he's pretty sure that it added "upwards of 3 hours to my life" and that it will "only continue to do so every time I make it."

He was even gracious enough to include a photo, complete with what looks like delicious trout (the filename was "making drew live longer one blog post at a time.jpg").

So glad you enjoyed it, Drew!  I'll do whatever I can to keep you around longer!

When my husband was getting on my case this afternoon for taking the time (yet again) to photograph my lunch ("Can't we just EAT it already, please?!"), I had my come back ready.

"You saw the email from Drew.  Be patient -- I'M SAVING LIVES HERE."


  1. I love all the looks great! Plus, I want to live 3 hours longer ;-)

  2. I hope you enjoy the salad! And those three hours! ;-)

  3. Haha that is too funny. It is a crazy delicious salad! And you know, a friend of mine just started making a variation with chick peas - they are a great addition!

    1. Oooh...chickpeas! Straight-up chickpeas or baked/roasted? I'm going to have to try that next. [Bethesda Locavore is my hero for introducing me to this salad!]


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