Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kale Craving

This week's CSA delivery included two mushrooms. 

They looked beautiful, but the truth is that neither my husband nor I is very partial to mushrooms.  Actually, that's being generous.  Both my husband and I hate mushrooms. 

So, we decided that we would give any mushrooms we received to people who could truly appreciate them.  Hence, the mushrooms are bagged up and ready to deliver to my parents.

With the mushrooms out, I was on the hunt for some additional veggies. 

Thankfully, there is a wonderful little honor-system farm stand on my way home from work; it just opened for the season and has lots of local kale.  I rarely carry cash, so when I pulled over to it last night, I had to stand on the side of the road, shaking my purse and turning my wallet upside down, in the hopes of scraping together $3 worth of quarters so I could buy a bag of kale. 

It occurred to me that a similiar scene used to play out frequently in front of the office vending machine, when I was craving Cheetos or Famous Amos cookies. 

My how my tastes have changed --  Now I crave kale!   

Fear not, I found enough quarters and got my fix.  ;-)

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