Friday, November 25, 2011

Green Salad with Radishes and Herbs

This is a German recipe and my husband's specialty.  We always serve this salad alongside our holiday meals (Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, etc.), but I'm not sure why we only save it for special occasions.

It's easy and would be enjoyable at any time of the year.

Two heads bibb lettuce
One bunch of radishes, sliced
Handful of dill
Handful of parsley
Handful of green onions

Toss to mix and serve with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

I was especially happy that for this salad, which we served at Thanksgiving, I was able to find local lettuce and herbs.  Surprisingly, though, I was unable to find local radishes.  I think I have a lot to learn about where to find local food once the farmers' markets shut down for the season...

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